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Meeting of the Rede Memorial network at Escola da Cidade (São Paulo, 2014). Training course for community-based digitisation projects.

Brasiliana USP was an ambtious and groundbreaking project coordinated by Prof Dr Pedro Puntoni and Prof Dr István Jancsó (deceased) at the University of São Paulo.

Simultaneously to the construction of a building to house the José e Guita Mindlin Library, the project hosted several research initiatives within the university and in collaboration with libraries and archives across the country. It brought together researchers interested in the study and development of new information technologies, digital humanities tools, and protocols for digitisation of archival collections and libraries. The project fostered the formation of a national policy for digitisation (as an instrument for the preservation and access) of Brazilian archival collections.

Tai joined the project in 2009 to establish and lead the design team. Her main responsibilities were to coordinate the development of user interfaces for a network of digital libraries and archives; and to deliver training courses for community-based digitisation projects.

Research projects hosted at Brasiliana USP
2008 – 2014
For a digital Brasiliana Library

2012 – 2014
Brasiliana USP: digitisation, knowledge engineering, digital humanities

2010 – 2014
Digital repository for historical Brazilian cultural magazines collection

2013 – 2015
Projeto Memorial Digital — Providing infrastructure for reproduction laboratories of cultural institutions committed to public digitisation policies

2014 – 2016
Network of archives for the National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute

2009 — 2016


Fapesp — São Paulo Research Foundation (Brazil)

BNDES — National Bank for Economic and Social Development

Home Institution

University of São Paulo (Brazil)


Prof Dr Pedro Puntoni — University of São Paulo

Millard Schisler — Rede Memorial

Dr Edson Satoshi Gomi — University of São Paulo, Polytechnic School

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